Same Scent was founded to challenge the belief that long lasting, high quality perfumes and accessories should only be affordable for daily use to the one-percenter in society. The idea we started from was extremely simple and, therefore, extremely spectacular: high quality perfumes in a very varied range at prices for any pocket.

We are committed to giving everyone the chance to enjoy a good perfume and a long lasting scent that is at the same time affordable.

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Anyone with access to the internet can find out the manufacturing cost of a smartphone, accessory or clothing line within minutes. Same Scent founders embarked on a research exercise and found that in world of designer perfume manufacturers are excessively inflating the prices of their products year after year. for example… The retail price of a high end designer perfume can be anywhere between 10 and 20 times higher than the production cost. while investigating this phenomenon, we found that this is done purposely to compensate for the wholesalers, distributors and retailers and on top of that, there’s the ultra excessive celebrity advertising campaigns and event sponsorships many brands engage in.
A typical €100 designer perfume would normally cost the manufacturer
  • Approx €4.50 for the bottle
  • Approx €2.50 for the packaging
  • And finally for the Juice an astonishing €1.00 or less! Yeahp . . . even less than the bottle and packaging itself.
The Same brand is different from anyone else as we believe that when you pay attention to daily expenses, cut out any unnecessary marketing costs, and provide a single standard bottle design and packaging for the whole collection, one is able to offer designer like, high quality perfumes at a price suitable for any pocket. YES it can be said that we have given up any major marketing craft, preferring the brand’s reputation and success to grow through the eyes of our satisfied customers and their recommendations.
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