August 2019

Same Scent @ Ghajnsielem Pharmacy

Same Scent Available at Ghajnsielem Pharmacy

Same Scent has made it to the sister island of Gozo! If you happen to be wondering the lovely pjazza of Ghajnsielem in Gozo, don't miss out on the wonderful world of Same Scent fragrances. Our famous perfumes are stocked at Ghajnsielem Pharmacy.Address below:Ghajnsielem Pharmacy Pjazza Indipendenza Għajnsielem read more

March 2019

Same Scent @ Donna Nail Studio

Same Scent Available at Donna Nail Studio

We are proud to announce that Same Scent perfumes can be found at Donna Nail Studio in the heart of Rabat, Malta. If you reside around the Rabat area, be sure to pop by Donna's studio to try out our famous fragrances. Full address below:Donna Nail Studio Triq Anton Muscat Azzopardi , Rabat Malta RBT 1531 read more

February 2019

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What is: Sillage?

Sillage in perfume refers to the aura or trail created by a perfume when it is worn on the skin. It comes from the word in French for "wake" and can best be described as how a fragrance diffuses around the wearer. Sillage or diffusion in fragrances can also be called the "projection" of a fragrance.Sillage in a perfume could also be considered to be how a fragrance is perceived by others around the wearer and is enhanced by motion, ambient temperature as well as the inherent qualities of the skin. The rate of diffusion of these molecules in a... read more



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